What does the term GSM refer to ?

Bown of London Luxury Heavyweight gowns are approximately 400gsm- Grammes in weight per square metre of fabric to ensure luxury and quality dressing gowns & bathrobes.

For our USA customers this is 12 oz per square yard . As a rule of thumb the higher the GSM figure the higher the quality of the product.

Fold back cuffs

Bown of London robes featuring fold back Cuffs have been manufactured with lined inner Cuffs.

Lined inner Cuffs are lined in the inside of the sleeve with the same velour fabric pattern that features on the outside of your Robe.

Ensuring that when you fold back the sleeve to suit your individual arm length the folded sleeve pattern will match with the rest of the garment.

 What does the term ‘Velour’ refer to ?

The term Velour is the smooth glossy finish achieved by shaving the surface of a piece of towelling fabric, Bown of London Velour gowns are finished towelling loop finish on the underside of the garment for warmth and absorbency whilst the outer surface of the garment that you see and feel has been shaved removing the top of the towelling loops to produce the high quality glossy premium finish for the best luxury gowns that our clients love.

 Why do you use Egyptian cotton in your gowns?

Bown of London requires our gowns to be of the highest quality Egyptian Cotton is renowned the world over as being the highest quality & being the softest and strongest in the world and meets the quality threshold that we require.

 Can I change an order after I have placed it?

If you wish to change an order, e mail hello@bownoflondon.com  or call our customer service team on +44 (0) 1784 225904 as soon as possible.

  How do I exchange my product?

 If you wish to exchange your purchase we will dispatch the exchange free of charge on all UK & Eire purchases.

 International /Overseas orders we are unable to facilitate the cost of return shipping - you the customer are responsible for all shipping return costs


 I am missing/have an incorrect/damaged item in my order?

In the unlikely event of receiving any of the above please contact our customer service team on e mail hello@bownoflondon.com  or call our customer service team on +44 (0) 1784 225904 as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

 What is Bown of London’s returns policy?

We offer a no quibble returns policy within 30 days of  the receipt of your order  As long as the product is unworn and in a resalable condition and returned in the original packaging.

Please e mail hello@bownoflondon.com and we will arrange collection on your behalf.

Please note for our overseas customers there will be an additional shipping charge payable but for UK & Eire customers the shipping cost is free.

 How do I protect my new Bown of London Gown

We advise you to wash the gown separately on a warm wash cycle without fabric conditioner , do not tumble dry .

Our Velour & Luxury heavyweight gowns do not require ironing simply hang on hanger to drip dry. 

Whilst the lightweight cotton ones will benefit from a light ironing process.

 What size should I order?

Please refer to size chart link herewith  

  What happens if I am not in to sign for my order?

Our shipping company will contact you the day of delivery, via email or text message. You can then choose from one of their delivery options, ranging from change date to leave in a safe place.


What is the difference between a Bown 100% Natural cotton fibre bathrobe and a Polyester Fleece Bathrobe ?

Polyester Fleece Bathrobes often look very similar to Bown of London bathrobes in appearance.

Polyester fleece feels soft & warm to the touch , 

However Polyester fleece is a synthetic material manufactured from the same family as polythene plastics

Which means that Polyester fleece garments are unable to breathe in the way that a natural cotton fibre does, 

Moisture will be trapped by the polyester fleece next to your skin & Polyester fleece garment wearers often start to feel damp and sweaty & unless the garment is regularly washed it starts to smell because the moisture & odour is retained inside the fabric. Our mens and womens dressing gowns are luxury products and we ensure the best quality for our customers. 

In our opinion nothing matches the quality and performance of 100% natural Egyptian cotton fibres as used in Bown of London bathrobes which provide our customers with years of faithful service.

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